Top 10 best gifts to buy at the airport

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December is a time of crowded airports and increased air traffic, it’s when airport shops make their biggest sales. It is also the perfect time to profit from what they have on offer, there’s never been a better time to shop airport.

Whether it’s something for that special person, something for the kids, or a gift for your friends we will show you that airport shopping is much more than just perfume and alcohol.

We’ve made it easy for you – here’s our TOP TEN of airports buys and where you can get them:

1. Toiletries for him

2. Toiletries for her

3. Alcohol

4. Sweets

5. Toys

6. Gifts for him

7. Gifts for her

8. Local food

9. Local drinks

10. Special gifts

For him and for her toiletries

Toiletries may sound drab, but perfumes and cosmetics are big business. Duty free and travel retail sales are worth €80 billion a year worldwide with fragrances and cosmetics accounting for 20% of sales.

We’ve scoured Europe’s airports and found some current best buys for his and her toiletries. There are big savings to be had, with reductions of up to 67% at Schiphol and 70% at Zurich Airport, now that’s value you don’t see every day!

Toiletries may sound drab, but perfumes and cosmetics are big business. Duty free and travel retail sales are worth €80 billion a year worldwide with fragrances and cosmetics accounting for 20% of sales. 

We’ve scoured Europe’s airports and found some current best buys for his and her toiletries. There are big savings to be had, with reductions of up to 67% at Schiphol and 70% at Zurich Airport, now that’s value you don’t see every day! 

HerAlexander McQueen – McQueen 75ml €43.60 70% Zurich Airport
HimBoss Bottled United – Eau de Toilette 100 ml €29.90 40% Frankfurt International
HimDolce & Gabbana – K By Dolce & Gabbana 100ml €38.00 50% Madrid Barajas
HerElizabeth Arden – Green Tea Scent Spray 100ml €27.20 52% Zurich Airport
HimHugo Boss – Hugo Just Different 75ml €29.90 54% Schiphol Amsterdam
HerKappe Versace – Women 100ml €29.90 67% Schiphol Amsterdam
HerLancôme – Idôle By Lancôme 75ml €40.50 50% Madrid Barajas
Him & her Lancôme Renergie – Anti-Wrinkles & Firmness 50 ml €51.90 28% Frankfurt International
Him & her L’Oréal Paris – Revitalift Anti-Ageing Peel Pads 100ml €14.08 50% Zurich Airport


At airports we often like to buy a little something as a last reminder of our holiday, a taste to bring home. Some people avail of the offers to buy a more expensive whisky or brandy that they normally would not buy, and some just want to pick up some easy presents for friends or family.

While some airports like Heathrow in London boast an extensive array of local whiskies it can often be much cheaper to buy the same said alcohols in Southern and Eastern European countries. We’ve found some amazing deals on well know brand names, as well as names you may not have heard of, all at pocket friendly prices, and some great local foods as a snack while you pamper your palate.

Local3 pack Old Amsterdam cheese €22.50 25% Schiphol Amsterdam
LocalCardenal Mendoza Gran Reserva 40% 50cl €11.10 50% Madrid Barajas
GlobalChivas XV 40% 1L €45.50 30% Marseille Provence
LocalDanzka Vodka Cranberry 40% 1L €15.87 20% Copenhagen
LocalDutch Gouda cheese 3 pack €29.95 17% Schiphol Amsterdam
LocalDutch spiced cookies in Delft Blue tin 400g x 2 €10.00 37% Schiphol Amsterdam
GlobalJohnnie Walker Black Label 40% 1L €30.30 30% Marseille Provence
GlobalJohnnie Walker Black Triple Cask Edition 40% 1L €20.00 50% Madrid Barajas
GlobalJohnnie Walker Whisky Double Black 40% 1L €37.00 25% Nice Côte d’Azur
GlobalJura Whisky The Road 43.6 % 1L €48.90 30% Frankfurt Airport
LocalO.P. Anderson Aquavit Organic 40% 1L €15.87 20% Copenhagen
LocalOld Krupnik Honey Liquor 38% 50cl €6.68 Warsaw Chopin
LocalOsborne – 1866 Brandy 40% 70cl €25.55 50% Madrid Barajas
LocalSliwowica Podbeskidzka Liquor 72% 70cl €15.43 Warsaw Chopin
LocalSoplica Blackcurrant Vodka Liquor 32% 50cl €5.91 Warsaw Chopin
GlobalThe Glenlivet Distillers Reserve 40% 1L €33.50 30% Lyon Saint Exupéry
LocalZubrowka Biala Vodka 40% 1L €8.74 Warsaw Chopin

GIVT does not promote the use of alcohol. Please drink sensibly.

Child’s play

No trip abroad would be complete without bringing something home for the kids. Sweets and toys are a firm favourite and who could imagine a trip to Switzerland without coming back with chocolate! For health conscious parents we’ve also included some great deals on useful and fun gifts too.

Source: shopdutyfree.com
Source: shopdutyfree.com
ClothesIreland Emerald Green Zip Baby Hoodie€20.00Dublin Airport
ClothesIreland Green Rugby Baby T-Shirt€16.00Dublin Airport
SweetsCadbury Chunks Bag 200g€3.95Dublin Airport
SweetsGuinness Fudge Bag 120g€3.00Dublin Airport
SweetsLindt Lindor Tube Assorted 400g€15.5830%Zurich Airport
SweetsLindt Lindor Tube Milk 400g€15.5830%Zurich Airport
SweetsMilka Mix Bag 340g€8.5830%Zurich Airport
SweetsRitter Sport Variety Tower 1000g€14.9030%Frankfurt Airport
SweetsToblerone Crunchy Almonds Mix 272g€14.5533%Zurich Airport
SweetsToblerone Milk Chocolate Gold Bar 360g x2€13.3630%Zurich Airport
ToysBaby Cream 10 Inch Daisy Sheep€11.00Dublin Airport
ToysSamsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Inch 32GB€189.0014%Schiphol Amsterdam
ToysTypical Dutch soft clog slippers€14.9512%Schiphol Amsterdam

Something extra for that special person

Sometimes that special gift can only be found in special places. Who could imagine a trip to Ireland without bringing back something Guinness? Or when visiting Amsterdam, the diamond capital of the world, wouldn’t you just love to come back with some glitter of your own? We’ve found some special gifts for him and her ranging from clothes to jewellery and sunglasses to suitcases, all at extra special prices.

Source: theloop.ie
Source: www.schiphol.nl
HerForest Green Celtic Design Wool Scarf€45.00Dublin Airport
HerGuinness Black Ladies T-Shirt Butterfly Design x2€30.0017%Dublin Airport
HerGassan Diamond earrings 18K white gold€925.0046%Schiphol Amsterdam
HimBlack Guinness Polo Shirt with Harp Crest€29.95Dublin Airport
HimCream Aran Knitted Pom-Pom Hat€18.00Dublin Airport
HimGuinness Black Baseball Capwith Gold Logo€13.00Dublin Airport
HimGassan Moonphasewatch 18K rose gold plated€795.0034%Schiphol Amsterdam
Him & HerKappe Ray-Ban model Justin€99.5025%Schiphol Amsterdam
Him & HerSamsonite Cabin trolley€99.0024%Schiphol Amsterdam&

Special gifts for people who think different

We found some gifts that were so special, or strange, that we had to include them in our list. Travellers going to Madrid can buy a Cinco Jotas (5 J’s) whole shoulder of Iberico ham, it has to be seen to be believed!

Or visitors to Rome can round off the tour of the past with a taste of the future, Kavalan Original Taiwanese Whisky! Whisky is not something we usually associate with Asia, but this little whisky has been earning accolades all around the world.

Warsaw Chopin’s range of well-priced high-end whiskies and cognacs is second to none, so whether you have a penchant for Japanese whisky, or have a spare €3,000 jingling around in your pocket they have something for you. For only €2,857 you can pick up a bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII, a cognac called the taste of 100 years, so special it even has its own Wikipedia page!

Source: shopdutyfree.com

And finally, not for the faint-hearted, you can try the true taste of Scandinavia at Copenhagen airport, salty salmiak liquorice, you’ll either love it or hate it!

Name and sizeCostReductionAirport
Cinco Jotas– Acorn Fed Iberico Shoulder Ham 4.5-5kg€175.0050%Madrid Barajas
KavalanOriginal Travel Retail Exclusive 43% 50cl€49.00Rome Fumicino
NikkaCoffey Grain 45% 70cl€64.27Warsaw Chopin
Panda Soft & FreshLiquorice SaltySalmiak500g€6.1322%Copenhagen
Rémy MartinLouis XIII 40% 70cl€2,857Warsaw Chopin
Suntory ChitaJapanese Whisky 43% 70cl€58.10Warsaw Chopin

Purchasing a gift is half the battle. What should you pay attention to for safe transportation of the gifts to your destination in accordance with the regulations? The rules clearly specify what you can bring on board an aircraft, but they may vary slightly depending on the airline.

“Breach of luggage rules causes not only trouble at the airport and the loss of valuable gifts for loved ones, but also possible flight delays” says Piotr Rybicki, Operations Manager at GIVT, company responsible for compensation for delayed or cancelled flights and cases of refusal to board the aircraft.

The most important rules apply to unchecked baggage (hand luggage) and include:

  • Cosmetics capacity – if you want to buy perfumes or liquid cosmetics at the airport, make sure that their capacity is less than 100 ml.
  • Alcohol – it’s allowed to carry only liquors purchased at the airport, packed in sealed bags and remember to keep the receipt.
  • Sharp objects – even the most functional pocketknife or designer envelope knife will not pass the check before entering the plane. It is better to buy such gifts at the destination or send them by post.
  • Packaging and proof of purchase – keep the original packaging and receipt until you leave the aircraft.
  • Articles made of leather and shells – when purchasing them, make sure they are not made from endangered or protected species such as coral reef or reptile skin.

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