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You have the right to a 100% cash refund for flight reservations cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak and global flight restrictions.

The airline must pay you cash!

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Your flight was cancelled for reasons unrelated to COVID-19?

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Twoja płatność oczekuje na potwierdzenie

O statusie płatności zostaniesz poinformowany mailem

Read what our customers said…

Delayed flights do not necessarily have to end on a negative note. With GIVT’s help, a family of four – whose holiday flight from Bursa and back was delayed by over 3 hours – was able to claim €3200 in 30 days!
Marc from London
Last minute cancellation of a flight from London to Frankfurt resulted in a missed connection to Tampa. Thanks to GIVT, the airline paid out €600 in compensation in 30 days!
Amelia from Cambridge
The 200-minute delay that was faced by a family of five travelling with a low-cost carrier from Manchester to the sunny Antalya stopped being an issue after GIVT was able to turn the disruption into extra €2000 in compensation!
Olivier from Manchester

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