The compensation claim process

1 What are legal proceedings and how long can they take? 
What are legal proceedings and how long can they take? 
There are two options when it comes to legal proceedings – filing a complaint with the national enforcement body (NEB), or filing a lawsuit in court. This stage can take up to 16 months, , irrespective of the body to which the complaint has been filed. Due to the fact that both bodies are independent, and the number of considered claims is seasonally dependent waiting times may be a little bit longer. GIVT, however, makes every effort to ensure that cases are processed as quickly as possible.
1 Can airlines reject a complaint? 
Can airlines reject a complaint? 
Yes, airlines can reject a complaint, but that does not mean that compensation isn’t due. In such cases we initiate legal proceedings aimed at enforcing the claim.
1 How long does the complaint stage take? 
How long does the complaint stage take? 
GIVT makes every effort to ensure that each stage of proceedings is as short as possible, be it the the complaint stage, or legal proceedings stage. The complaint stage can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days, depending on the number of claims received by the airline. In holiday periods, or summertime waiting times may be longer due to increased volumes of filed claims.
1 What does the compensation claim process look like? 
What does the compensation claim process look like? 
The compensation claim process begins by filing a claim on the givt.com website. Once the claim is verified, the customer is asked to provide relevant documentation that will allow GIVT represent them to the airline. This includes certain travel documents and an agreement with GIVT. The complaint is sent to the airline only upon receipt and acceptance of the above documents. If after the individual evaluation, and conclusion of complaint proceedings against the airline there is a need to take legal action, the customer will be asked to provide a power of attorney that allows us to represent them before the relevant legal body. Reaching a decision can take up to 16 months, but GIVT makes every effort to ensure that the claim is processed as quickly as possible.

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