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because of COVID-19?

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Required documents 

1 Are any additional documents needed at the legal proceedings stage? 
Are any additional documents needed at the legal proceedings stage? 
Yes, for GIVT to be able to commence legal proceedings, the customer must sign a power of attorney. This permits GIVT to represent the customer before legal bodies, e.g. courts. If the customer represents a third party or a minor up to 18 years of age, other documents may be required, such as the third party's authorisation, or an abridged copy of the minor’s birth certificate.
1 What documents does GIVT need to file a complaint with an airline? 
What documents does GIVT need to file a complaint with an airline? 
For GIVT to be able to file a complaint with an airline, the customer must sign an agreement giving GIVT the right to represent them before an airline. The agreement may be signed electronically, after positive flight verification. The customer is not required to send the original document.
1 What documents are needed to file a claim? 
What documents are needed to file a claim? 
To file a claim you need to have a travel document that proves the passenger’s readiness to fly. An acceptable travel document can be:
  • boarding pass,
  • booking confirmation.
Some airlines may request additional information, such as home address, passport number, etc.
1 How to obtain a birth certificate online?
How to obtain a birth certificate online?
To process your case, which includes a minor passenger, Polish law requires us to have a copy of the minor's birth certificate. This can be obtained online via find more information below on who can request a birth certificate and how to do so:
1. Who is eligible to obtain a copy of a minor’s birth certificate online?
  • parents, adult siblings or another legal guardian
2. What to do?
  • submit an application online via: and ensure it is signed it with a qualified electronic signature or ePUAP trusted profile,
  • the fee for a copy of a birth certificate is 22 zloty (PLN) and is payable by bank transfer to the selected civil registry office bank account,
  • an electronic copy of the birth certificate will be sent to you in between 1 to 7 days or will be made available for personal collection at the selected civil registry office.

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