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1 I had a cancelled flight due to coronavirus – what are my rights?
I had a cancelled flight due to coronavirus – what are my rights?
All ticket holders are entitled to a full cash refund. If you are offered a flight voucher that you do not wish to accept, you are under no obligation to take it. You can request a refund from the airline instead. Companies like GIVT can offer professional help to get your money back legally. We have a success rate of 99% of cases won. Your chance of a cash refund is much better with the professionals.
1 Will my airline refund me for the cancelled flight if I contact them myself?
Will my airline refund me for the cancelled flight if I contact them myself?
Legally airlines are obliged to refund all legitimate ticket refund claims within a period of 7 days. However, currently airlines are taking much longer to respond to customers, let alone process cash refunds. Some airlines even state that refund requests, once accepted, will take at least 6 months to process! Plus often they offer flight vouchers and other substitutes, before even communicating the right to the cash refund.
1 I was offered a flight voucher instead of a refund – do I have to take it?
I was offered a flight voucher instead of a refund – do I have to take it?
No, irrespective of the airline’s initial response, all passengers are entitled to a full cash refund for cancelled flights due to Coronavirus. Many airlines, however, try to obligate customers into either rebooking their flights for another date, or accepting a travel voucher, or airline account credit in lieu of a cash refund. If your airline does not offer a refund option, this is no way means that refunds are not a possibility, on the contrary, it is your right as confirmed by the European Commission on May 13th, 2020.
1 How can GIVT assist with passengers right during coronavirus?
How can GIVT assist with passengers right during coronavirus?
GIVT has both the legal and administrative experience and expertise to deal with airlines. Coronavirus flights are a special case and the airlines use various tricks not to pay the cash refund to the travellers. GIVT gives customers a voice which airlines cannot ignore. Whereas it is easy to ignore the voice of a single customer with a cancelled flight, it is quite another thing for airlines when they deal with a company like GIVT who may represent hundreds of thousands of customers at any given time. GIVT will increase your chances of success, reduce your waiting time and deal with you in a professional and clear manner.

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