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Quick help

What documents are needed to file a claim?
To file a claim you need to have a travel document that proves the passenger’s readiness to fly. An acceptable travel document can be:   boarding pass,  booking confirmation. Some airlines may request additional information, such as home address, passport number, etc.
What bank details are needed for a compensation payout? 
The following bank details are needed for a compensation payout:  Full name of the account holder, IBAN, an account number consisting of a country code, check digits, the domestic bank and branch code and client’s personal account number, e.g. GB 26 MIDL 400515 12345674, BIC/SWIFT (bank identification code, e.g. MIDLGB22 for HSBC Bank), in some cases, it is also necessary to provide the passenger’s personal address details. 
How long do I have to wait for compensation to be paid after a positive decision? 
The waiting time for compensation payout depends chiefly on the airline, which has 30 days to transfer the funds to GIVT’s accounts. We will then make all payments directly to customer accounts within the next 14 working days.