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Disrupted business flight – what to do?

  • Hold onto your boarding pass, flight ticket, booking confirmation and other travel documents.
  • Try to get detailed information about the reasons behind the delay, cancellation, or denied boarding.
  • Ask the airline for meals and refreshments – it does not limit your right to compensation.
  • Ask the airline for accommodation if your alternative flight is scheduled to depart the next day.
  • Signing a settlement, accepting cash, miles or flight vouchers may be equivalent to waiving your right to compensation.
  • If your flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, request a refund of the ticket price or for an alternative flight.
  • If you were denied boarding, ask for an alternative flight to your final destination.
  • Keep your receipts for additional transportation costs.
  • If the airline downgraded your reservation by placing you in a class lower than that for which the ticket was purchased, you are entitled to a refund of 30 to 75% of the ticket price.


You as a passenger are the one who is entitled to compensation. Even if the ticket was purchased by your employer.

Our customers success stories

€250 for a disrupted business flight

The travel from Stuttgart via Munich to Manchester was disrupted for several hours due to unknown reasons. In the end, the airline provided an alternative flight, but GIVT obtained €250 to compensate the passengers for all the problems they experienced!

Robert from Manchester

€600 for last minute cancellation of a business flight

Last minute cancellation of a flight from London to Frankfurt resulted in a missed connection to Tampa. Thanks to GIVT, the airline paid out €600 in compensation in 30 days!

Amelia from Cambridge

€400 for a delayed business flight with a connection

Due to technical problems, Christian’s first flight from Leeds to Paris was cancelled, which resulted in his missing of the connecting flight to Madrid. Thanks to GIVT, Christian obtained €400 in compensation!

Christan from Leeds



  • Time-consuming
  • The probability of success is hard to estimate
  • The lawyer’s experience and knowledge may vary
  • High costs and shared risk

  • It takes only a few minutes
  • Great probability of success
  • High efficiency and experience measured in thousands of won cases
  • Free claim verification, no risk

Claiming by yourself

  • Extremely time-consuming
  • Rather low probability of success
  • Complex legal knowledge is required
  • High costs and shared risk

About us

We are a technology platform created by experienced professionals from many different fields of expertise, including aviation, finance, new technologies, and law. We specialize in obtaining compensation from airlines from all around Europe (British Airways, Lufthansa, WizzAir, EasyJet and many more). We operate quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – according to transparent rules. In disagreements with aviation giants, we always take your side, protecting you and fighting for your rights as we strive towards a common goal – obtaining your due compensation.

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