When and where to buy suitcases for travelling by plane?

when to buy suitcase

The best way to buy suitcases is when it is off travel season. Suitcases are usually most expensive just before school holidays or right before major bank holidays like Christmas and Easter. It is also not advised to purchase suitcases at the airport as they will charge higher prices to capitalise on a traveller’s last-minute emergencies.

Before you buy a suitcase

You should have a clear idea of what kind of suitcase you want before you go out to buy one. Do you want a hard-case suitcase? Do you need an expandable one? What size should you get? These are all questions you’ll need to answer, as well as considering the following before purchase:

  •  If you will be travelling to the US, make sure that the suitcase has a TSA approved lock on it for border control to inspect the items.
  •  For carry-on baggage, make sure the suitcase doesn’t exceed the airline’s approved dimensions including its wheels and handles.
  •  Check to make sure that the wheels are durable so you won’t have to drag it across the floor when the wheels break.
  •  Make sure the handle is long enough for you to use comfortably if you are a tall individual.

Are you a picky buyer?

Sometimes, a certain colour of a suitcase model may be on a special sale because it is unpopular. If you’re someone who only cares about function and doesn’t mind buying a second-choice colour suitcase, you may be able to save big. Suitcases that are out of style but still brand new could also be functional alternatives to their more expensive counterparts. Showrooming could be a great way to spot sales for unpopular colours and styles. Simply visit a physical store to see if you like the suitcase and buy it for cheap online with luggage sales.

How to spot a suitcase sale

You should try to plan ahead in order to take advantage of the steepest discounts. For example, if you’d like to travel in summer, look for suitcases just after the Christmas holidays when demand is especially low. These timings may also coincide with fashion seasons when there are suitcase sales to clear the way for new trends.

Compensation for lost luggage

If your suitcase has been lost or damaged during the flight, you may be eligible to claim compensation from the airline. Usually, an airline will pay a fixed amount if the luggage has been delayed and rerouted. If the luggage has been lost or damaged, you may be eligible for full compensation up to a certain limit.

Claim compensation from an airline

Regardless of what kind of luggage you use on your flight or even if you don’t carry anything at all, flight delays can still affect you. Whether it is a delay, cancellation, or rerouting, we can help you check if you are eligible to claim compensation from the airline.

Check your compensation. You might get even €600!

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