Understanding International Flight Luggage Limits

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International luggage weight restrictions are ever changing, and rules are becoming increasingly complex as airlines try to adjust to EC 261 compensation rights. These rights have altered the way airlines qualify checked baggage. Every ounce counts, but you have the right to accurate and timeous information.

International flight suitcase size limits are generally around 50 pounds, with a length limit of 62 inches. Luggage is generally required to be 29 x 21 x 14 inches, but there are plenty of exceptions, so it’s best to check your limits with the airline you’re travelling with. Many airlines have a limit of as little as 15 lbs, and some airlines have even changed what counts as checked luggage. Baggage allowance can also vary according to your ticket category, frequent flyer status, destination, and total pieces. Your ticket type is hugely influential, and a number of cabin classes have been added in recent years. These include economy light, comfort plus, and premium economy. Regardless of your ticket class, you have the same rights under the EU delayed flight compensation regulations.

The compensation law in brief

Europe’s EC 261 regulation allows you to advocate for yourself when your flight is disrupted. Provided the disruption is caused by your airline, you’re entitled to financial reinbursements. If your luggage is delayed, damaged, or lost, even on US flights, you can claim for your loss. Airlines are legally required to inform you of your cabin and checked baggage limits in good time. This makes your packing decidedly easier. Last minute changes to weight allowances can no longer be made without informing you in good time. In addition, airlines must now work a little harder to avoid baggage damages. The amount of compensation you receive is limited to special drawing rights, which equal about £1,100.

Low-cost airline luggage size restrictions: International

The regulations are no different for low-cost carriers, so if there’s any disruption, make sure you hold onto all your paperwork, including your boarding pass, ticket, booking confirmation, and passport. You can improve your case by finding out the precise reason for your denied boarding. If you’re unrightfully denied access to your flight, you can request an alternative route and compensation, particularly if this causes a delay of five or more hours.

Understanding international flight suitcase size

Some airlines list size limits as a single number, which represents your total measurements. This gives you far more flexibility in terms of luggage design. Checked baggage is most commonly restricted to 158 cm in total. Some routes within the same airline allow for only one bag, while others allow two. If you’re carrying more than two bags, your extra luggage dimensions will be hugely variable from airline to airline, so it’s best to visit your carrier’s site to confirm your limits.

What to do if your flight is delayed

If luggage woes make you late for your flight, you may be entitled to compensation under the EC 261. You can claim €600 per passenger for delays of three or more hours, but only when your disruption is the fault of your airline. If your missed connection makes you over three hours late for arriving at your destination, you can make a claim. If your airline didn’t inform you of accurate cabin and checked baggage limitations at the time of booking and this causes you to miss your flight, it’s worthwhile pursuing compensation. Travellers no longer have to cope with the consequences of poor airline management, so hold your carrier accountable for delays.

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