Storm Ciara (Sabine) – cancelled and delayed flights across Western Europe


Storm Ciara, Sabine in the German speaking countries, has severely affected flights in many countries. Heavy rainfalls and winds of over 160kmph have cancelled and delayed flights with Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands hit hardest.

weather storm
Source: windy.com

Passengers flying to or from the following airports should contact their airlines immediately:

Munich International (MUC) 14929%
Bremen (BRE) 825%
Hanover International (HAJ) 1119%
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) 9915%
Stuttgart Echterdingen (STR) 2315%
Hamburg (HAM) 2514%
Basle-Mulhouse (BSL) 1413%
Tegel Int’l (TXL) 2610%

With over 1 quarter of all flights cancelled at Munich and Bermen airports, and knock on effects across the continent Storm Ciara is expected to affect a minimum of 750 flights, 500 cancellations and 250 delays, and a total of over 120,000 passengers.

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