Prestigious airlines

Interesting facts about prestigious airlines

Some might associate prestigious airlines with being lavish, luxurious and inaccessible. In the era of ever-cheaper flights, this luxury becomes, although partially, available for the taking. What are the secrets behind popular, prestigious airlines? What should passengers know about them and how they should use the services they offer? Which services are reserved for the…

Hand luggage check in

Hand baggage – what can you bring on a plane?

Travelling with your hand baggage only is the most convenient – you have all the necessary things with you at all times and don’t have to worry that your suitcase may be damaged while loaded to or unloaded from the baggage compartment. What’s important, your stay at the airport is shorter, as you skip the…

Charter flights delays

Compensation for a delayed charter flight

Purchasing unused tickets for a flight booked for a travel agency’s customers is a popular and cheap way of getting to your dream holiday destination. Unfortunately, delayed charter flights are as common as scheduled flights not departing on time. The good news is that you, as a passenger, have the same possibility to claim compensation….

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