How to check if flights on 22 and 23 August will be cancelled due to Ryanair pilot strikes?

Jak sprawdzić, czy lot 22 i 23 sierpnia będzie odwołany z powodu strajku pilotów Ryanair?

British and Irish pilots working for Ryanair have declared a 48-hour strike to take place on 22 and 23 August. This means that the flights for around 500 000 passengers (with confirmed reservations) operated by this carrier on these days could be at risk. In short… cancelled. Will the strike actually take place? There is a very good chance that it will. However, you may be able to partially take precautions. See how to predict if your flight is likely to be cancelled due to a strike, what you can get because of the strike and how.

Life-hack: how to predict if your flight can be cancelled?

The method developed by The Independent for determining the probability of a flight being cancelled due to a pilot strike seems to be complicated at first sight, but in reality, is very simple and accessible to every user. Just make use of the free information on the FlightRadar24 website.

First of all, find the number of your flight to take place on one of the mentioned days: 22 (Thursday) or 23 (Friday) August. You will find this number on your travel documents, e.g. booking confirmation, boarding card or electronic ticket. Remember the number along with the day of your flight and go to FlightRadar24.

In the top right-hand corner of the website, you will find a window with a magnifying glass and the word “Search” – enter your flight number there and wait until the list is displayed.

For example, let’s say it is an FR1006 flight. In such a case you should get a screen like this:

Step 1


After clicking the number displayed on the list you should go to the following screen:

Step 2


As you may have noticed, the arrows point to two columns. They should be the ones to attract your attention. And this is why!

The first column displays the dates of flights that have already been operated, are currently in progress or will be in the near future with a given flight number. The fourth indicated column includes, among others, the registration numbers of the aircraft operating these flights.

How to combine these two types of data?

Let’s assume you want to take your FR1006 flight on 23 August. To check if your flight is at risk on that day, just go back… one week, to 16 August, and find the registration number of the aircraft (this is the item in brackets; we have indicated it for you with an arrow).

Step 3


In our case, the registration number is EI-EBO. When you click it, you will see a website with detailed flight routes for the given day. However, you only care about 16 August. Go down the page and find it. When you are done, check the first route on that day. In our case, this is a flight from Bucharest to London. Then check the last route of the flight. For us, this is a flight from Madrid to Bucharest.

Step 4


What does this mean and how does it help to predict the cancellation of your flight, which is just about to take place?

By determining the place of the first departure and the place of return from the previous week, you can predict which crew can operate YOUR flight. Thus, in the case of flight FR1006, which is our example, it will be a Romanian crew because the day began and ended in Romania despite the fact that the aircraft flew to London, among others.

On the other hand, flight number FR8542 may be at risk as it may be operated by the British crew, which is due to strike on 22 and 23 August.

Is it possible to obtain compensation for a cancelled flight due to a strike?

Absolutely! Workers’ strikes, whether legal or illegal, are subject to EC regulation 261/2004. Passengers are entitled to compensation for a particular cancelled flight whose workers have been on strike. To make sure you can claim compensation, use our free verification:

Your flight was cancelled?

Claim NOW

Please note that for cancellations you can obtain as much as EUR 250, 400 or 600. Check it out and see our passenger rights to find out what you may be entitled to in addition to compensation: Passengers’ rights

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