Getting to Your Destination After a Missed Connection

Missed connection flights

A missed flight connection can throw your itinerary off track and leave you feeling lost in a foreign country. If the fault is yours rather than your airline’s, the consequences are yours to cope with. However, if inclement weather, mechanical problems, or delays have sent your flights into disarray, your circumstances are probably covered by your compensation rights. That makes reparation easier and more economical to solve.

Personal Reasons

Your airline isn’t obligated to assist you if you were late for your flight, but they will generally help you to rebook. That said, the more proactive you are, the easier it will be to get your travel plans back on track. Before you approach your airline, research your options. Look for new routing from your existing airport and nearby alternatives. If you have insurance, your costs might be covered, but the sooner you adjust your accommodation and other plans, the easier it will be to prevent incurring extra fees.

Airline Policy

When it comes to a missed connecting flight different airlines have different policies, but most will book you the next available seats without charge. You might be put on standby, even if you were late for your connection. A same day flight change is usually covered for less than the price of a new ticket.

Missed Connecting Flight What to Do

With a missed connecting flight due to delay, your odds of securing an alternative flight are far higher if you’ve booked an entire itinerary under the same airline, especially if your connection time was impractically short. If you built your own itinerary through multiple airlines, however, solutions are a little harder to come by. You may have to buy a new ticket, but before you do, find out if any of your airlines belong to the same alliance. A missed connecting flight due to weather is generally easy to resolve since the airline involved will still need to carry an entire plane’s worth of passengers to their destination. That said, airlines aren’t responsible for compensating weather-related delays, so fliers aren’t entitled to missed connecting flight compensation. If you’re dealing with missed connecting flight luggage that’s been checked in, it will be carried to your destination ahead of you. Your airline may be able to locate your bags and store them in a safe location until you arrive.

Problems with connecting flight?

Get Your compensation


Passengers are entitled to missed connecting flight due to delay compensation if the flight is over three hours late. Compensation falls between €250 and €400 depending on the distance of the flight. A missed connecting flight due to customs is a little more complicated to solve since customs officials cannot be held responsible, and nor can your airline. However, all passengers have a right to full compensation when a flight is cancelled. While most airlines will offer free alternatives voluntarily, you may sometimes need to file a complaint in writing. If your airline evades responsibility, the National Aviation Authority responsible for your departure area will oversee your claim.

Missing a flight can upset whatever plans you had at the beginning of the day, but panicking will only eat away at your coping skills. Airlines can be difficult to negotiate with, so an organisation such as GIVT will secure your compensation for delays, cancellations, and denied flights on your behalf. Knowing your rights is the first step towards dealing with a missed flight, whether they’re offered by your airlines, travel credit card company, or insurer.

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