Flights to Orlando – what to know?

flights to Orlando

Choose the right flights to Orlando, Florida, and you can pick up a bargain, leaving you with more money to spend on your holiday. Work out the best time of year to find cheap flights to Orlando and enjoy all the activities and events this part of the world has to offer.

Flights to Orlando, Florida

Orlando is served by two international airports, Orlando International Airport and Orlando Sanford International Airport. You can expect a non stop flight to take a little over nine hours. Florida is a popular holiday destination, and flights to Orlando prices tend to rise during the school holidays, especially over the summer. Late night flights to Orlando work well if you have young children, as there is a high chance they will sleep through the flight.

What to know about Orlando

Orlando is the third largest city in Florida. Florida is situated in the southeast of the United States, on the coast, giving Orlando its subtropical climate. The Orlando summer lasts from May until September, and is hot and humid, with frequent thunder and lightning storms. For the rest of the year, Orlando is warm and dry. This makes flights to Orlando in March or flights to Orlando in October an economical way of enjoying some warmth and sunshine during the shoulder and off seasons, since you can enjoy Orlando’s beaches and water parks all year round.

Things to do in Orlando

The group of theme parks that make up Walt Disney World are enough to keep most tourists busy for a week or more, and many visitors to Orlando spend their entire holiday within the resort. However, there’s plenty more to see and do in and around Orlando. Some of the most popular attractions in and outside the city include:

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is approximately one hour’s drive from Orlando, and offers tours of the NASA facility. Orlando also has several water parks, perfect for family fun days out. To see some of the local culture and lifestyle, try a county fair or farmers’ market.

Flights to Orlando at Christmas

Christmas is a popular time to visit Disney World, with special events, decorations, and characters, and you may well find that Xmas flights to Orlando cost correspondingly more than a visit at other times of year. It’s worth remembering that the festive season lasts a long time at the resort, so you can book flights to Orlando in November or flights to Orlando in January and still enjoy the full Christmas experience. January is often the best month for cheap flights to Orlando, especially if you book a last minute deal. Flights to Orlando in October 2019 will bring you to Disney World for Halloween. This is another special and popular occasion, with many rides taking on a spooky aspect for the season, and souvenirs you won’t be able to buy at other times.

Your flights to Orlando should be easy and straightforward, but if you experience difficulties, such as a delayed or cancelled flight, GIVT can help you through the process of claiming compensation, leaving you to enjoy your Orlando holiday free from worry.

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