Flight Delays Due to Weather

Flight issues due to the weather

What is a flight delay? The definition of a delay in your trip due to inclement weather or other reasons depends on the distance of the flight. Here is a brief overview of how many hours it takes to classify as a delay based on the different flight distances:

  • For flights up to 1,500 km it is 2 hours.
  • For flights between 1,501 and 3,500 km it is 3 hours.
  • For flights of 3,501 km or more it is 4 hours.

What rights you have when a flight is delayed

Passengers have a right to be cared for by the airline in the event of flight delays due to weather. Depending on the length of the delay, this can include:

  • Meals: if your delay lasts at least two hours, then you may be eligible for a free meal or be reimbursed if you purchase your own meal.
  • Accommodation: if the flight delay carries on to the next day, then you may be eligible for free accommodation, or be reimbursed if you pay for your own room.
  • Transportation expenses: the cost of travelling between the airport and the emergency accommodation, or the price of getting to your destination if your flight is eventually cancelled.

If you require reimbursement for any expenses, be sure to keep all your proofs of purchase such as receipts.

Find out if you are eligible for compensation

To be eligible for any kind of compensation under EU law for airline delays due to bad weather, the flight must be scheduled to depart from an EU airport. Flights that arrive at an EU airport from a non-EU departure point are not eligible for compensation.

EU Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 excludes bad weather conditions from any sort of financial compensation, though you may still be eligible for right to care. For details on what types of airline compensation due to bad weather you may be entitled to, please check with your air carrier’s website.

Check your compensation

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Information for connecting flights in case of delay

When your first flight is delayed, there may be a risk of missing your onward connection. Sometimes, airlines will delay the departure time of the connection of enough people on the same route are affected. However, if you do miss your flight, most airlines will be happy to reschedule you to the next flight free of charge when you approach their information desk.

How to file a complaint with the airline

To file a complaint with the airline, you are recommended to send it in writing by registered mail to ensure that it is well-received. It can also be send in via their online form or through email. Be sure to include vital information such as your flight number, sate of travel, personal particulars, and circumstances of the delay to make your case. In addition to filing your own complaint against the airline, the experts at https://givt.com are well-informed on the procedures to make that claim. Visit the website to find out if you may be eligible for compensation.

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