Business trip packing lists – what to take for 4 nights away

How to pack for a business flight

There’s a big meeting coming up, and you be away from home for 4 days. Love them, or loath them, work trips are part of the job, and we always have to look our best. It’s crucial that we pack right, and bring all the right clothes with us, but the big question is always how much is too much, and how much is not enough? Getting the balance right for any packing list is an artform in itself.

Mid-length stays, of 3 to 4 days, are especially troublesome. Before we even pack any clothes, certain items should always be taken. Our packing list should always include passport, driver’s licence, computer, debit and credit cards, mobile phone, and chargers are a must, but even here we have to be careful.

Travel essentials – bringing the right plug

Arriving at a hotel with an out of charge phone, only to discover that none of your charger plugs fit is one headache you don’t need. In Europe alone, there are 6 different socket standards, but thankfully voltage and frequency are relatively standard (220-240V, 50Hz).

European plus

If you wear contact lenses, don’t forget to always pack extra, and be careful when packing any creams or liquids. Don’t forget that you are limited to 100ml of liquid, in clear bottles. These should never be too full, as air pressure when flying may cause bottles to leak.

How to pack clothes small

Heavier items such as books, or shoes, which can be stored as a pair in plastic shower caps, should be put at the wheeled end of the case. Lighter items should always be on top. Pyjamas, jeans, t-shirts, underwear and socks, can always be rolled up to save on space, and prevent other items from being dislodged during flight. Shirts, blouses, dress pants, jackets, and dresses, should be folded properly, and stored between items, so as prevent movement when travelling.

What not to pack – only pack travel essentials

Work trips are often just a case of in and out. Many basic items such as hair combs, soaps, shampoo, shoe polish, razors, shaving cream, etc., are available for free at the hotel, or can be purchased cheaply at the destination, and should not be packed. Remember, always bring an electric shavers adaptor, just in case.

Travels checklists for men

Packing for men is often easier, less clothes, and accessories make for smaller baggage and suitcases. Fitting everything into a single carry on bag means not having to go to the check in desk, and less waiting around at the airport, and any gifts or presents can always be purchased in the airport on the way back.

Nevertheless packing for a 4 day trip should include a second suit jacket, 3 spare shirts, 2 spare pants, a coat jacket, tie, and spare shoes, as well as underwear.

Travels checklists for women

Ladies usually need to pack more varied clothing, and toiletries. Checking in a suitcase may be necessary, reducing the chances of creased, or crumpled clothing. A travel iron can be a useful accessory, but often an iron can be found at your hotel.

For the medium length business trip, and remain dapper, your packing list should contain a coat, and or jacket, warm top, 3 blouses and or casual tops, pants, dress, and or skirt as required. Spare shoes should be wrapped in a shower cap, and stored at the bottom of your wheelie case. Underwear can be used to stop items from becoming dislodged in travel.

Accessories such as earrings, necklace, watch, etc., can be worn, or put in carry on luggage, along with any purse, handbag, or shoulder bag.

Hand luggage size restrictions

Choosing which bag to bring may be a question of personal preference. Rigid wheelie bags are always preferred, to avoid unnecessary crumpling and wrinkling, and they can save you time at the airport if they qualify as hand luggage. Be careful with baggage sizes, however, different airlines have different baggage size allowances, and you should always check the airline’s stipulations in advance. A good rule of thumb is budget airlines have smaller dimension allowances than other airlines.


Lastly, should the worst come to the worst, always keep a good quality scan of your passport, driver’s licence, and credit or debit cards handy on your phone, and in a secure online location that can be accessed anywhere in case of an emergency.

Now you’re ready to travel. Bon voyage, and don’t forget to pack a GIVT!

Business trip packing lost woman /man

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