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Best Holiday Destinations in Autumn for Culture Buffs

The Finest Autumn Getaways

Autumn is probably the most underrated season for travel. It brings an eerie element to the landscape and comes without the touring hoards of spring. The climate is generally mild, with just enough sunshine for infinite seaside days. Our top picks will inspire the poet in you.

If you’re passionate about history and love immersing yourself in foreign cultures, Southern Spain comes alive in autumn. The craggy landscape and Alhambra architecture look all the more golden under wintry light. You’ll get the opportunity to dance the Flamenco and climb the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The snow only begins coating the crags in winter, and the warm September months make this one of the best holiday destinations in Autumn.

The Canary Islands’ sandy coves are more ambient with a golden backdrop. Visit the Gueva Pintada Museum, an archaeological site that’s surprisingly easy to access. It comes with a view of the village and a video-guided journey through history. Take a stroll through Columbus’ journeys at the Casa-Museo de Colon before visiting the turrets of Villa Winter.

Best Holiday Destinations in Autumn for Water Babies

Cyprus is known as the City of Water, and it’s home to one of the most romantic harbours in the world. The city is steeped in history to boot. You’ll get to sample delicious meze at the ancient Zanettos Taverna, which has been in operation since the Thirties. St Hilarion Castle looks as though it’s leapt straight out of the pages of a storybook, and it comes with spectacular views of the village.

Saint Tropez, France, is equally exquisite in Autumn. The resort town has yacht tours around the Riviera that will keep you entertained all day. Be sure to spend some time at Pampelonne beach, with its many iconic restaurants and clubs. The famous Musee de l’Annonciade also deserves a visit for its massive collection of contemporary art, including work by Braque and Picasso.

Best Destinations for Adventure Fans

Adventure buffs need cooler weather to truly let loose, so autumn is the perfect season to visit Istanbul. The Marina Aqua Park has 12 adrenaline-fuelled water slides and extreme water sports, but if you prefer your adventures to be out in nature, try Black Sea swimming on a Sile and Agva Nature tour.

Marrakech delivers plenty of sunshine in October, so autumn is the perfect month for a sporting holiday in Morrocco. Spend the night in the desert, where much of Game of Thrones was filmed, before setting off into the High Atlas Mountain. The peak provides one of the most exquisite views in the country. Try a little camel riding or hike with the Berber Nomads. Marrakech also offers desert buggy tours and quad biking for those who love a little speed.

Travelling Secure

Late flights, delays, and lost luggage needn’t ruin your Autumn getaway. European law now affords you the right to compensation. Whether you’re on a package holiday, business trip, or using a low cost airline, you’re protected by Regulation EC 261, which covers:

  • Overbooked or cancelled flights.
  • Delays of three or more hours.
  • Lost or damaged luggage.
  • Missed connecting flights that are due to airline negligence.

The new regulation ensures that your Autumn break goes without a hitch. Even if you’re using a budget airline, you have the right to financial compensation and, in many cases, accommodation. GIVT will help you to navigate the new law.

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