Amsterdam’s Luggage Storage Options

Luggage storage amsterdam

If you’re waiting for a connecting flight or don’t need most of your luggage during your trip to Amsterdam, you needn’t roll your bag around the city. Its storage options are surprisingly pocket-friendly.

Luggage Storage Amsterdam Airport

If you’re staying within the vicinity of the airport, you’ll find Schiphol’s storage lockers on the lower level between Arrivals One and Two. The largest locker is spacious enough for a Pullman bag, and the medium offering can accommodate four items of hand luggage. The facility lets you store your baggage for several days, so if your Amsterdam trip is a short one, you needn’t take all your bags along for the ride. The facility charges €6 a day for hand luggage and €12 for large, irregularly-shaped bags. The first day is charged for on arrival, with the remainder being processed on retrieval You’ll find additional storage areas at Arrival Hall Three and the departure lounge. If you tend to lose receipts, simply take a photograph of the paperwork when you drop off your bags.

Luggage Lockers Amsterdam Train Station

If you’re looking for a central luggage hold Amsterdam Central offers self-operated lockers that can be used for up to nine days. You’ll find them in the Eastern passageway a few steps from the main entrance. A small locker will set you back €6, and a large one, €10. Additional days are charged at higher rates, with a lost receipt carrying a fee of €10. If you’re intending on using this,  luggage drop off Amsterdam central station is a self-service locker that can only be operated with major credit cards.

 Drop and Go

In terms of alternative storage of luggage Central Station Amsterdam has a Drop and Go service just across the road on Prins Hedrikkade, next door to the Batavia Cafe. If you’re looking to store a small item like a laptop bag, this is the most economical option at €4 a day. It’s also the most convenient if you need to charge your devices. A charging station, printing service, and luggage scale are all offered. The price of hand and large luggage is consistent with airport rates.

 Lock Amsterdam

Lock Amsterdam is centrally located, so if you need to access your stored luggage during your trip, it’s the most accessible option. The only drawback is the operating hours–Lock Luggage is only open from 9:00 to 22:00. They charge between €5 and €10 a day, and operate a delivery and key service. If you’re exhausted from your flight, the company will soothe your frazzled nerves with coffee and Wi-Fi. It operates a full set of services, including luggage weighing, ticket sales, and bike rental.

The Vault

You’ll find the Vault on Herengracht street near Cromhouthuis in the heart of Amsterdam. The building is a museum in its own right, storing luggage in an old vault, so if you’re looking for a touch of ambience, this is your locker. The Vault closes at 17:00, so it can’t accommodate late flights. Small hand luggage storage costs €4, making this option as economical as it is convenient.

Hotels often have their own storage spaces for guests awaiting check-in times. Even restaurants are happy to accommodate patrons if they have the space to do so.

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