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Faro Airport compensation of up to €600 is available for delayed and cancelled flights as per Regulation (EU) No 261/2004. There’s no need to worry, you can claim Faro Airport compensation easily below.

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Flights cancelled due to COVID-19 – passengers rights

Before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic obtaining refunds for cancelled flights was a relatively easy process, but will hundreds of thousands of flights cancelled worldwide with millions of prepaid seats, airlines have been very unwilling to part with their cash, insisting instead on issuing travel vouchers in lieu of cash refunds. Passengers whose flights are covered by Regulation (EU) 261/2004 are entitled to a full cash ticket refund if their flight is cancelled, regardless of the reason. The European Commission reiterated this position on May 13th last, emphasising that airlines had a duty to refund passengers and to do so within 7 days of the request.

Remember that you have rights. When applying for your ticket refund cite Regulation (EU) 261/2004. Only accept a travel voucher if it really is in your best interests or you are given an extra bonus or incentive that you are happy with. If you are having difficulties obtaining your refund or the airline is procrastinating you can also use the services of a company that deals with passenger rights.

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Am I eligible to get compensation for a flight from Faro Airport?

If you are one of those unlucky enough to have suffered flight disruption at Faro Airport there is a silver lining, compensation of up to €600 is available to all passengers whose flights have been delayed or cancelled as per European Union Regulation (EU) No 261/2004. There’s no need to worry, compensation for flights at Faro Airport can easily be claimed using our free online GIVT flight checker.

You can trust our team of experts to process and expedite your claim for you and have your compensation paid directly into your bank account, all from the comfort of your own home. If for any reason your airline refuses to pay, our legal experts will be happy to represent you in court and assert all your legal rights.

The maximum amount of compensation per passenger for a delayed flight, cancelled flight or denied boarding is €600, however, this amount is dependent on the flight distance and the location of the flight route.

Maximum disrupted flight compensation rates time thresholds

Flight distances and route location Alternate flights Delayed flights Cancelled flights
Flights up to 1,500 km €125 €250 €250
All Intra EU Flights over 1,500 km €200 €400 €400
All flights between 1,500 km – 3,500 km €200 €400 €400
All other flights over 3,500 km €300 €600 €600

What do you need to claim compensation for a flight from Faro Airport

Making a claim has never been easier, our user-friendly platform will guide you through the process to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights and denied boarding. You can even claim for your friends or family that are listed on the same ticket!

As with all compensation claims you can never have too much information. Below is a list of obligatory documents that you must produce:

Documents necessary to prove readiness for departure when making a claim compensation include:

Compensation for cancelled flights at Faro Airport

Like all airports staff at Faro Airport do their best to limit the amount of cancelled flights, however cancellations still can happen. You are entitled to compensation If your flight has been cancelled less than 14 days before your scheduled flight.

Cancelled flight notification may be given well in advance. If a flight is cancelled 14 days or more in advance you are not eligible for compensation. Knowing when you eligible to make a claim for flight cancellation compensation at Faro Airport is not always straightforward as there are many variables involved and the compensation process can take a long time. You can check your entitlements for free with our website and let us do the work for you, all you need is your flight number and flight date.

When flights are cancelled between 13 and 7 days before the scheduled date of departure compensation may be due if your alternate flight departs outside of a window of 2 hours or more before the original scheduled departure time and/or arrives at the final destination with a delay of 4 or more hours after the scheduled arrival time.

Flights cancelled less than 7 days in advance, or on the day itself i.e. when you were at the airport, the time window reduces and compensation is due if the alternative flight departed 1 hour or more before the original scheduled departure time and/or arrived at the final destination with a delay of 2 or more hours after the scheduled arrival time.

Our team is ready and waiting to help you with your claim for cancelled flights of any kind. We are experts in the field and can greatly increase your chances for a quick and easy payout. You can visit also our Compensation for cancelled flights page to find out more about your rights!

Compensation for flight delays at Faro Airport

Compensation for a delayed flight applies when there is a delay of at least 3 hours. Delays are counted as the difference from the scheduled time of arrival at the final destination to the actual time of arrival, when the plane door opens after arrival at the final destination. It is extremely important to ascertain that the reason for delay is the fault of the airline, and not extraordinary circumstances as detailed in the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 261/2004.

Knowing when you are entitled to compensation can often be difficult to ascertain, however compensation claims for flights at Faro Airport can easily be checked on our website. Whether your flight was cancelled or delayed, or you were denied boarding through no fault of your own you are entitled to make a compensation claim.

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