About us

Have you ever faced any flight disruptions? Were you not able to board the plane and missed an important meeting or struggled to get to your dream holiday destination because of the airline? In such unpleasant circumstances, GIVT will be a nice surprise to you!

Who are we and what is our mission?

Negotiating with giants such as airlines might get complicated on your own. Oftentimes, passengers are simply not aware of their rights, and they do not know how to use them in their favor. At GIVT, we will handle your flight issues for you, giving you a peace of mind. Our mission is to successfully obtain your compensation for delayed, cancelled or denied flights in an easy and quick way. With us, any unpleasant flight situation will turn into extra cash on your account.

We are a company created by experienced professionals from many different industries including aviation, financial, legal and modern technologies. We are fast to take matters in our own hands, and when it comes to disagreements with the aviation giants, we always take your side. We operate efficiently, and most importantly, we play by transparent rules to achieve a common goal – obtaining your due compensation.

With us, any unpleasant flight situation you experienced will quickly turn into money on your account. You are just a click away from your GIVT!