Cancelled flight
because of COVID-19?

You have the right to a 100% ticket refund!

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Flight compensation may be due in up to six different circumstances! Find out more about which flights are eligible for a pay out.

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Cancelled flight because of COVID-19?

Get your ticket refund

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I received the compensation in a timely fashion. The amount of the compensation was very satisfactory. Very quick turnaround and great customer service. Thank you!
Quick and professional. I already have my money in my bank account. Thank you especially to Mateusz for creative thinking and the right client approach.
When all the other Internet companies failed and said that they couldn’t help, GIVT settled everything in a week, and I got my money after 3 weeks. Fast, efficient and effective! 😉
Absolutly impresive support. Everything was quick and effective. I recoment in 100%!

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British Government does a U-turn on Spanish holidays! Following spikes in various different Spanish provinces the UK Government has re-introduced mandatory quarantine for holidaymakers returning from mainland Spain. With the exception of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca and Ibiza, travellers will be expected to quarantine for 14 days upon return. This also applies to travellers currently…

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What is a flight voucher? Should you accept it?

Flight vouchers are the aviation industry’s response to flights cancelled by the Coronavirus crisis and the subsequent claims for refunds. Don’t be fooled! Ticket refunds are a right, claim yours now! Only a few months ago requesting a refund for a cancelled flight was not a problem and most refund requests were processed in a…

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We Will Fly Again – Holding on to Hope

The Whole World in Freeze-Frame Out of nowhere our whole world was halted freeze-frame for months. Nobody expected it and no one was prepared for it. We were closed off in our homes, some of us without anybody else to interact with. And all that long while we longed for what we took most for…

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Airline COVID-19 Refund Policies

Europe is flying again On 15th June 2020 the skies of Europe opened up. EU countries reopened their land borders with neighbouring fellow EU members. With only a few exceptions, most notably the border with Spain and Portugal, we can safely say that post-COVID European airlines are now back in business. This will come as…

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The Safest Post-COVID Destinations for Travel

I Will Fly Again Coronavirus wrought an unprecedented toll on developed countries in 2020. Health systems were strained to the limit, many people were infected, and tragically many died. The pandemic also had an unprecedented effect on businesses, with millions put in lockdown, unable to work. Every industry was hit, but perhaps hardest hit was…

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Post-COVID Travel Tips

Now that Europe is back opening up to air travel again, after a 3 month hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic, how will flying now change? What new safety precautions can we expect at airports and on board as we take to the skies once more? On 15 & 16 June 2020 most of the…

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Cancelled flight because of COVID-19?

Get your ticket refund