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Flight compensation may be due in up to for different circumstances! Find out more about which flights are eligible for a pay out.

Cancelled flight because of COVID-19?

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Delayed flights do not necessarily have to end on a negative note. With GIVT’s help, a family of four – whose holiday flight from Bursa and back was delayed by over 3 hours – was able to claim €3200 in 30 days!
Marc from London
Last minute cancellation of a flight from London to Frankfurt resulted in a missed connection to Tampa. Thanks to GIVT, the airline paid out €600 in compensation in 30 days!
Amelia from Cambridge
The 200-minute delay that was faced by a family of five travelling with a low-cost carrier from Manchester to the sunny Antalya stopped being an issue after GIVT was able to turn the disruption into extra €2000 in compensation!
Olivier from Manchester

Claiming is easy! See how…


Claiming is easy! See how…


We will verify your flight eligibility

In a couple of minutes we will tell you how much compensation you are entitled to.


We will enforce your rights

Our experts will contact your airline, and take all the legal steps necessary to get your flight compensation.


You could get as much as €600

We will keep you updated on your claim progress, right to the end.

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